Support the community in Silwan and Jerusalem

Through your generous donation for Madaa Creative Center, you are supporting the children, women and youth of Silwan and Jerusalem.

The center was established in 2007 in Silwan By a group of young activist as a result of the difficult living conditions for the people of Silwan in terms of the Lack of infrastructure and facilities, widespread poverty, and damaged homes and Facilities due to the settlements excavations under the town's streets and the homes of its residents.

In Silwan, which has a large population(55,000) , there are no public parks or entertainment centers and games for children. The percentage of children under the age of eighteen exceeds 50%, while 75% of children live below the poverty line. They are deprived of enjoying and practicing their childhood in an atmosphere of fun and happiness. Likewise, the level of education is low due to the education laws.

These difficult circumstances led a group of the town’s youth to establish the Madaa Creative Center to study and meet the needs of the residents, through implementing various programs for the advancement of all aspects of political, social, educational and cultural life in the town.

Today, after more than 10 years of establishing MCC, the center has succeeded in providing 5 safe areas within the town of Silwan, a public park for families and children, and the Edward Said Public Library, through which many educational, cultural, awareness and entertainment activities and programs are provided, most notably the summer camp. “I love you, Silwan”.

In addition to the Legal Aid Department which provides legal services for more than 80% of the arrested and detained minors in Jerusalem.

All our services are provided free of charge, be our partner in change.

"Together we can ... together we are stronger."

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